God’s Grace Poem

by Leeanne Martin

my life is filled with so much regret
mistakes I have made I want to forget
things I’ve done I feel I cannot undue
I’m spinning around coming unglued
words I’ve said I can never take back
I have hurt people with the way that I act
but I know GOD has forgiven me
he has seen me cry on bended knee
he takes my heart and makes it brand new
he takes my shame and shows me his truth
I have been forgiven, forgiven by his holy light
he takes all things wrong and he makes them right
all the old has passed away
and all I had to do was pray
sometimes when you think its ok
but than you see a cloud that is gray
there’s a saying that goes there’s a silver lining
but know with GOD there’s a son that’s shining
run to him no matter what you have done
know your forgiven because of Gods holy son
there’s nothing GOD cant take away
and make you see a new and better day
trust in him and you will always see
you have been cleansed you have been set free


  • HealingfromGod
    Reply July 30, 2013


    I absolutely love this poem Leanne, thank you so much for sharing!

    • Reply August 1, 2013

      Leeanne Estelle Martin

      thank you so much

  • Reply August 6, 2013

    Stephanie Lane Wissiak

    Beautifully from the heart :) Thank you for sharing! I am glad the Holy Spirit worked in you so you could Write this.

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