10 Qualities Every Christian Woman Should Strive For

10 Qualities Every Christian Woman Should Try And Strive For

1. Humility

A Godly woman doesn’t think of herself as better than anyone else. She doesn’t boast in anything but Jesus Christ alone. She will use her God-given gifts with confidence, but she will not flaunt them around.

2. Honesty

A sincere woman of Christ isn’t afraid to stand up for the truth. She will help you overcome flaws you may not have seen before. She will not sugarcoat the hard truths. She will advise you according to God’s love instead of judging you for your sins.

3. Forgiveness

A woman who truly follows Jesus will adopt His attitude of forgiveness. When you stumble, she will not leave you out of anger. She will forgive you no matter what you have done. Key word here is ‘forgive,’ that does not mean she will forget nor is prohibited from taking necessary action that aligns with God’s word.

4. Kindness

A woman who loves God will be kind to her greatest enemies. Instead of giving everyone the punishment they deserve, she will love them. She will treat them as brothers and sisters in Christ.


A woman after God’s own heart will guard her own. She will try her best to fill her mind with all things pure. She will not walk along the path of the unrighteousness, but will try to stay as close to God as possible.

6. Supportiveness

She will not scoff at your dreams. She will encourage you to grow spiritually. She will be there on your darkest days to mourn with you, and she will be there on your happiest days to rejoice with you.

7. Selflessness

She puts others before herself. She goes out of her way to help the least of people. She is willing to lay down her life for her friends, just as Jesus did.

8. Boldness

She is not quiet about her faith. She lets it flood every part of her life, and if she is criticized for it, she rejoices. She is a living witness and an unmovable wall of the Christian faith.

9. Passion

She is not a passive believer. You can tell by her words and actions that she is passionate. She is excited to serve Jesus and sees it as a privilege, not a burden. Her passion is infectious and spreads to both believers and non-believers alike.

10. Joy

She is joyful through the good and the bad because she has been given the ultimate gift, an eternity spent with our loving Father in Heaven. She sees the bigger picture and doesn’t just live for the moment. She is filled with an unchangeable joy that comes from Christ alone.

What are some qualities you think every Christian woman should strive for? Share your thoughts below.





  • Debbi says:

    It’s hard to find time to search the word for all you need everyday and you all help out so much save so much time so I can get my study time in thank you.

  • Patricia says:

    This was on my phone when i picked it up tonight.

  • Janet R Torres says:

    Thank you, today this came when I was just thinking of what our God wants from us women and humans as a whole. And he answered. I started a group of single Christian woman of all ages, matured, and full of brokenness but loving God. My purpose is for us to love God the way He wants us to Love Him!

  • Janet R Torres — Glad to see a woman who understands that prayer and worship is ultimately not about US … It is most effective when we can release our self-focus and love God the way He wants us to.

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