10 Things Every Christian Guy Should Look For In A Woman

10 Things Every Christian Guy Should Look For In A Woman

Love can’t be rushed. It isn’t something that happens on the spur of the moment; it takes years of experience and dedication to fully mature. Through tears and laughter, a relationship fixated on true love is one that will last.

God calls us to love our partners just as He loves us- unconditionally. Dating is a very fragile thing. So how do you know what to be aware of when dating?

1.     Sincerity

A good partner is one who does everything from the heart and is unafraid to be honest with you. People often pretend to be someone they’re not and end up hurting others when their true identity shines through. A guy should only go for a woman who is authentic.

2.     Thoughtfulness

Love is shown through appreciation. Random acts of kindness go a long way in developing a relationship. A woman who lets you know you are worth her time is one worth dating.

3.     Patience

Patience is key in any relationship. Relationships are bound to have rough patches, and blaming the other person does nothing. Guys should look for a woman who will wait out a storm instead of blowing it out of proportion.

4.     Trustworthiness

In a committed relationship, everything is out in the open. Whatever secrets you try to hide will only come back to haunt you later. A guy should seek out a woman who trusts him and whom he can trust.

5.     Forgiveness

In relationships, we need to realize that we are no better than anyone else. No one is perfect. The goal is to see past the flaws of others. A godly woman will love her man in spite of his wrongs.

6.     Selflessness

We are called to always put others before us. By human nature we are arrogant and selfish, but when we sacrifice our desires for the sake of someone else, we become more like Christ. Guys should be on the lookout for a woman who will put her partner first.

7.     Respect

We are all created in the image of God. We are all unique, yet equal in God’s sight. When women treat men with contempt and refuse to listen to the opinions they are entitled to, a red flag should be raised.

8.     Optimism

God created relationships for people to build each other up in faith. Guys should want a woman who will encourage them to reach their full potential instead of holding them back. God makes all things, good and bad, work together for our good. A woman who adopts that mindset is ideal.

9.     Passion

A woman should always be willing to do her part in a relationship. Instead of treating love like a chore, she should be excited about serving her partner. When one party is passionate about the relationship, the other will be as well.

10.  Holiness

Most importantly, a guy should be looking for a woman who is holy. She doesn’t have to be perfect, but she should reflect everything good that comes from God. Someone who walks along the path of righteousness is someone who will lead her partner in that very same direction.

We were not meant to be alone in this world, but rather to share our lives with someone who will help us become better people. Whoever we choose to date has the potential to shape our futures. All of the mentioned qualities are good places to start when looking for God’s match for you.




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  • Anonymous says:

    Too bad there are no women like that. They have all been poisoned by fairy tales and movies, where THE GUY is always to blame for EVERYTHING.
    I think its easier if I just remain single forever. Because I am tired of women.

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