10 Things Every Christian Woman Should Look For In A Guy

10 Things Every Christian Woman Should Look For In A Guy

Relationships are a complicated subject, and when you are a Christian, they are especially daunting. God created relationships to be holy, so we shouldn’t take them lightly. We should always be looking to keep our relationships pleasing to God.

What is holy, however, can often be unclear. Looks are only skin-deep; what matters most is on the inside. Here are ten things that every woman should look for in a guy.

1. Honesty

Love requires trust, and that means not holding anything back from someone. It’s better to suffer for the truth than to lie for your own benefit. Women should look for a man who will confront them honestly so that they can grow in faith as a Christian.

2. Perseverance

Women should be looking for a guy who will always press on instead of giving up. Sometimes it takes negative experiences for a relationship to develop. We learn from our mistakes, and a man who is determined to do his part in a relationship is one worth dating.

3. Selflessness

Selfishness can be the death of a relationship. A man who thinks only of himself fails to love his partner. A godly man will lower himself for the sake of his love and always seek to serve her.

4. Devotion

A man should be passionate about his love through all stages of life. Love matures, but never dies. A devoted man makes every part of his life known to his woman and shares with her his happiness and sorrows.

5. Compassion

A guy who is not compassionate is most likely to leave when the going gets tough. Everyone makes mistakes, and instead of blaming them for it, we should love them anyway. If a man cannot forgive, then he cannot love.

6. Patience

Jesus was the most patient man of all- when he hung on the cross, he could’ve come down immediately, but he knew God’s will. The same should be true for people. Men should accept women how they are without losing their temper over little things.

7. Spiritual Ambition

Women should look for a spiritually ambitious man. We all have plans for the future, but sometimes God’s will is different. A godly man wants to grow spiritually and please God above all else. He should be relentless in his relationship with God.

8. Respect

Nowadays, men are notorious for degrading women. But we are all the same before God. We need to respect each other as human beings. If a man can’t honor a woman’s basic rights, then he’s not relationship-worthy.

9. Purity

Our bodies are not our own; we belong to God. If any man dare lay claim to them, he personally insults God. Relationships are not all about physicality; they are about a deep bond between two people that goes beyond the skin. Purity should be one of a man’s greatest concerns.

10. God

Above all, women should look for evidence of God in a guy. Our purpose is to become more like Jesus. In a relationship, the goal is not to grow closer to your partner, but to God. A woman should not date a man unless he is dedicated to serving God.

Society makes dating seem so frivolous. But whoever you choose to date could end up spending the rest of eternity with you. So it is crucial to choose someone who will lift you up instead of drag you down, and push you to become a better Christian. A man after a woman’s heart should be a man after God’s own heart.


What are some things you think every Christian woman should look for in a guy? 





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