3 Tips For A Deeper Relationship With God

3 Tips For A Deeper Relationship With God

If we look at 1st Samuel we can learn a lot from the Israelites who had just lost the war against the Philistines.

The Israelites were discouraged, they had just lost the Ark which they thought would protect them against the Philistines but they ending up suffering a huge loss in battle.

We can learn 3 things from these passages in the Bible regarding our own relationship with God.

1) We must Confess our sins

The Israelites at the time were very close to worshiping the Ark as an idol instead of worshiping God. The biggest barrier between our relationship with God is our sin.

Yes, our sin has been paid and forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, however, when we continue to remain in sin without confessing it, we create a barrier between ourselves and God.

For example, we are a lot like an addict because we constantly relapse in our sin every single day. If an addict never confesses or admits that he or she is constantly struggling with their addiction, what happens?

Typically, that problem will persist like an infection that never gets treated spreading to other areas of a person’s life. We have to be willing to admit each day our struggle with sin, asking for forgiveness and relying on the source of our true strength to overcome it, our loving Father.

2) Pour out our hearts (1 Samuel 7)

We see in this passage that the Israelites after they had realized what they had done, poured out water signifying them pouring out their hearts and sin and giving it to God.

In the same way, we must always be honest with ourselves and be willing to open up to God. We can’t lie to ourselves nor can we lie to our Creator.

The Israelites were even willing to go so far as to make a public confession about their own failings and sin.

We don’t need to announce to the world our sin but it would be helpful to confess to God and a Christian partner you can trust to remain accountable.

3) Fighting Satan 

Anytime we are earnestly seeking out God we can expect that there will be resistance from Satan and his demons. Do not be surprised if you are spiritually attacked as you seek the Lord more. Each day ask for the blood of Jesus Christ to protect you from these attacks.

When we seek God, our circumstances in life might not get better, in fact, our life might actually get worse. However, don’t let that discourage you from seeking a deeper relationship with God.

You can find hope and encouragement knowing that a deeper relationship with God will equip you to deal with the challenges of life, strengthening your faith and making you more like Christ.



  • javier lopez says:

    Hi ,I would like to ask y’all for prayer I am struggling with drug addiction . I need God to deliver me from crack …thank all of you …

    • HealingfromGod says:

      Hi Javier,

      Father God, I come before you to ask for healing for Javier. Please help him to break free from his drug addiction, put a craving deep inside of his soul for you and let that desire be stronger than any other desires he might have. I pray that you surround him with people who will help him break free from this addiction, help protect him by sending your angels down to him and help him know that no matter what happened in his past, that he is forgiven & loved eternally by you. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.

  • Hailey Robinson says:

    CAN SOMEONE PRAY FOR ME? For a while I had an extremely close relationship with God, I talked to him all the time and looked to him for everything, but now I can’t seem to find him. Nothing huge is going on in my life but I realized I can’t go on without God in my life after having drifted away. I’m frantically searching for him but I can’t hear him. Can you pray for my revelation of the issue and the strength to fulfill God’s plan for my life. With all my distractions with starting high school next year and finishing eighth grade and juggling my complicated situation I need help and prayer. I also need prayer for finding time to talk to God and more importantly listen. Thanks.

    • HealingfromGod says:

      Hi Hailey,

      Well first I want to say its so encouraging to see someone as young as you are following the Lord. God must be so proud of you knowing you are pursuing Him with all of your heart.

      You mentioned that you were once close with God but now can’t hear Him. Are you doing anything differently? Are you making time with God? Is there any sin in your life that might be getting in the way?

      Understand, that even when we do ‘everything,’ God may still not speak to us. This does not mean though that God isn’t there with you guiding your every step.

      I know I go through many times where I don’t hear God but I know that He is with me.

      Continue to read God’s word, talk to Him throughout the day, and it might even help to go find a place (for me I like being around nature) where you can block out all of the distractions and get close to God.

      I’m so grateful and happy for you Hailey, I can tell you are pursuing God and I can’t imagine how happy that must make our loving Father. I will keep you in my prayers and if you ever want to talk feel free to just comment on here. Take care.


  • Hailey Robinson says:

    Thank you for your prayer and encouragement, I just wanted to let you know that you did make an im

  • Hailey Robinson says:

    Haha oops! I was meaning to say that you really did make an impact on my life and situation. After reading some pages on this website, I decided to really take out all distractions and pray . I asked for forgiveness and strength to find the path to follow and well, that’s exactly what I received. All in all, I can truly relate to the fact that God is merciful and he is always there.

    2 Corinthians 3:16-18 🙂

    • HealingfromGod says:

      Aww I feel so humbled and blessed that God used me to help encourage you. Keep following God with all of your heart, in the highs and the lows, God will continue to shape you into the beautiful woman He sees you as. 🙂

  • coletha says:

    My name is Coletha, please pray for me for a financial miracle to finish my home, thank you.

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