5 Christian Thoughts You Should Be Saying Every Day

5 Christian Thoughts You Should Be Saying Every Day

What you think throughout the day affects every aspect of your life because it influences how you view yourself which in turn, influences how you treat yourself and others. The big problem is that you’ve been hurt by the brokenness in this world and that has created toxic, negative thoughts that hinder you from reaching God’s true potential for your life.

In order to break free from these toxic and often deeply rooted thoughts, you must pray on God’s word regularly.

Here are 5 Biblically based thoughts you should be telling yourself each and every day.

1. “I am beautiful. God perfectly designed me from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, even the things I see as imperfections, He doesn’t. God see me as His beautiful child and nothing will ever change that.”

2. “I am an overcomer. The power of the Holy Spirit within me gives me power and strength to be victorious no matter what people say or no matter how hopeless a situation seems.”

3. “I am forgiven and no longer have to keep beating myself up for the hurtful things others have done to me, including the hurtful things I have done to myself.”

4. “I was created to grow, to continually move forward and to see breakthroughs in my life. Each moment of every day, God is shaping me into the image of His perfection.”

5. “I have purpose, God designed me to accomplish a plan in this world and that plan was given specifically for me. I need to open my heart, humble myself, and be willing to follow God wherever He asks so my purpose here is completed.”

I hope this helps you! Let me know what toxic thoughts you’ve been holding onto for too long in the comments below.






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