5 Signs of Spiritual Growth and Maturity

spiritual growth maturity

1) We prioritize our lives around the most important things in the Kingdom of God 

There are a lot of people that worry about small things that really won’t change who you are as a Christian. For example, some people worry about hell, the trinity, speaking in tongues, and other petty things.

While its okay to wonder about these things, they aren’t the things that God believes are most important. Focusing more of your energy on Loving God with all of our heart, soul, and mind, and loving your neighbor as yourself will go much further in advancing God’s Kingdom.

2) You handle offenses from others easier

I remember when I first started in my walk with God. It wouldn’t take much for someone to offend me and I would blow up over some of the smallest things.

Someone who cut me off, a person in line at the grocery store who small talked while we all waited, or even when a fellow church member would say something that I didn’t particularly like. I was spiritually immature.

A mature Christian is someone who handles offenses by realizing that many times people do things because they have their own issues they are dealing with, some times people do things by accident, and other times realizing that people are imperfect sinners just like you and me.

3) Consistency, Consistency, Consistency 

It’s important to establish a healthy routine in your walk with God. A daily schedule for prayer time, scriptural reading, Bible studies, etc. When I first started in my walk with God, I was very inconsistent.

Somedays I would totally miss prayer time, other times I might even go weeks before I opened my Bible and when I did, I would read it intently for a week thinking it would make up for the missed time.

Being consistent in our walk with God is important because it shows that you understand the importance of daily time with God and shows you’ve developed healthy habits to deepen your relationship with God.

4) Patience in Listening & Careful Thought in Words

So many of us are in such a rush that we have no patience when it comes to listening to someone else and we are even quicker to speak without really thinking about what the person is saying.

A good sign of spiritual maturity is someone who is a patient and active listener carefully thinking about the words the person is saying in light of God and knowing that our words have huge influence with the potential to build someone up or tear someone down.

5) Humility

How many times have you boasted about something you did, taking all of the credit? Since we are sinful and filled with pride we often take credit for many things that happen in our day to day lives.

However, the truth is, is that God deserves all of the credit, he is the one who gave you life, he is the one who created this earth and this universe, he is the one who gave you your natural abilities. Therefore, God deserves all of the glory and praise in each and every situation.

What are some of your own signs of spiritual growth and maturity? Leave your comments below!



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