5 Tips To Overcome Stress

overcome stress

Doesn’t it seem like we as people are becoming more and more stressed out? God desires a life for us where we can live free from the stress that engulfs so many people today.

Here’s 5 tips to help your stress.

1. Change your thought pattern (Philippians 4:8)

One of the big problems that people fall trap to when they think about stress is that they are powerless to control it.

There are two basic types of stress:

1) Stress due to an immediate danger

2) Stress created as a result of a non-threatening stimulus (typically referred to as anxiety)

Most of the stress that we experience today is a result of situations or people in which their is no real immediate threat or danger to our self. A deadline at work, a test for school, overwhelming bills to pay, loss of a job, while these are things that can certainly affect your life, they will not kill you.

All forms of stress that fall into category two begin with a thought. 

You can’t have an emotional response from something without first focusing on a specific thought. In the case of stress, our thoughts are typically focused on negative thoughts in which we imagine the worst possible outcome.

So, the first thing you need to do to take control of your stress is to change your thought pattern and focus on Godly things. I like to think of my thought pattern as a “river” in which thoughts are continually passing by me but I can choose to grab and focus on the positive Godly thoughts that pass by me instead.

2. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise (1 Corinthians 6:19)

No, there is nothing in the Bible that talks about exercise because back then they got plenty of it and didn’t need gym memberships and articles on how to exercise lol.

God does however talk about our bodies being holy temples and as a result calls us to take care of our bodies and our health.

In our fast paced society, the overwhelming pressures to meet deadlines, make ends meet, and take care of our families is leading to more and more stress related illnesses such as anxiety.

To combat that, its critically important that you move your body as much as possible.

Physical exercise releases endorphins which is a powerful neuro-chemical that makes us “feel good.” Exercise will not only make you feel good but will also help you get in shape, something many people are struggling with. Our bodies are God’s temple and we need to treat them as such.

3. Write

Writing has been proven to help alleviate stress by releasing your racing thoughts onto paper. When you get your thoughts down on paper it gives yourself a chance to take a step back and see what really worries you. You often find that the things that you are constantly worrying about aren’t in fact worth worrying about.

4. Have some “Me” time

In our constant, busy lives we often forget to take some time out of our day to just do relax and do something that we enjoy.

5. Read, Pray, and Meditate on God’s word

There are at least (7) Hebrew and (2) Greek words for the word “Meditation”. Hebrew 1897. hagah, haw-Gaw’; to murmur (in pleasure or anger); to ponder:-imagine, meditate, mourn, mutter, roar, speak, study, talk, utter.

Webster’s dictionary of meditation means to reflect upon. As you can see, meditating on God’s word really is an active process that involves reading , letting it absorb into your heart, understanding what it means, and applying it practically to your own life.

As you begin to meditate more on God’s word, you will discover that often it will penetrate your heart helping you to relax and be at peace, far away from stress.

I pray that these tips really helped you today and that God helps intervene in your life so that you can be free from stress once and for all!

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

-John 14:27

How have you dealt with stress? What are the biggest causes of stress in your life at the moment?






  • Bright Okpoh says:

    Most times I feel like getting mad when my boss scolds me especially when I am already stressed out.

  • agnes akpan says:

    I handle stress by first praying to God to take control of the stress by trying to get the worries about the stress off my mind. Interacting more with people and involving in social activities.

    1. Not getting answers to personal issues of my life.

    2. Work stress generally

  • Amohelang Kotola says:

    I handle stress by listening to gospel music.

    I have two things that I know they stress me, 1st… Since my dad went to jail everything to me became senseless and missing him so much I manage to see him once or twice in a year. We were so close to each other and the thought of knowing that jail is a dangerous place, I can’t bear that thought and it is so hard to me.

    2nd, thinking that I have two years finished my high school and I am still sitting at home and doing nothing. I have tried to apply at the university but it is kind of hard to get in because my dad was supposed to pay for my fees and now that he is nt here to do that I am also poor financially. What I want to do is to study nursing and I am not going to rest until I have reached my goal…

    • HealingfromGod says:

      First of all, very sorry to hear about your dad Kotola. That must be incredibly difficult for you and your family. I will pray for you. Also, don’t be discouraged though because I am confident that God is with you right now and He hears your prayers.

      My wife is a nurse right now and nursing school is quite competitive here in California (and United States overall). She honestly didn’t think she would get in but through much prayer, God blessed her with an acceptance and is now practicing.

      I hope that this gives you a little encouragement. God bless you and will keep you in my prayers.

  • patricia chibesa says:

    work and family issues

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