A Guide To Help You Pray


Praying is one of the most vital things we can do as Christians but sometimes you may not know how to go about it. I’ve compiled five helpful tips to help guide you on how to pray.

1. Learn to cast your cares on the Lord (1 Peter 5:7)

We often forget that we are called to cast all of our worries, burdens, and problems into God’s hands. For example, something bad happens on monday, your boss is mean to you and you pickup that burden thinking about it for the rest of the week.

Just like a backpack, you begin to carry the load of the burden and it starts to weigh on you. On tuesday, you hear about your kids getting in trouble at school and you pick up that backpack as well. Wednesday you hear that you didn’t get the job and you pick up that burden.

By sunday, you are carrying all of those burdens and because of that you are so tired that you’ve lost all enthusiasm for the Lord. Don’t do that to yourself! Cast your burden on the Lord. Lord, my boss was mean to me but I’m going to put it in your hands because I can’t control it. Once you release your burdens to the Lord you can free yourself allowing you to focus on other things.

2. Learn to use your spiritual authority (Matthew 10:1)

Many people simply don’t know this. You are a child of God therefore you have spiritual authority!  If there is a problem in your life you have the authority from God almighty to bring him into that situation to help you.

3. Pray until God shows up

God doesn’t always show up when we want him too, in fact, many times his timing is totally different than ours. However, that doesn’t mean God isn’t working, doesn’t care, or that he won’t show up at all, because he will. Part of praying until God shows up is trusting in his promises and having faith knowing that his timing for your life is perfect and need not worry anymore.

4. Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying 

This is a tough one because too often we like to talk more than we like to listen. This is especially true when we don’t want to listen to what the other person is telling us. You must remove your selective hearing and begin opening your heart to listen to everything that God wants to speak to you.

This is important because otherwise you’ll be like a ship without a compass. You will have no direction and will have no idea what God wants to say to you. Make sure you take some time out of your day without any distractions and begin to  fully listen to what God is trying to tell you.

5. Pray from the heart 

It’s important that we be genuine in our prayers to God. That means telling God how you really feel, if your angry with him tell him, if you are terribly sad about a situation than let him know.

Being genuine seems simple but we often get in a habit of ritualistic prayer that has no “heart” in it. Make sure that you speak from the heart in your prayers and you will begin to establish a better relationships with God.

Hope this helps you!






  • Nelly Kondun says:

    This is so amazing. Amen

  • jerry morgan says:

    i ask if you all would pray for me .i been out of work sent 2007.im a single dad with one son . Have no way to pay bills and fix up my home and clean up out side has trash in back .i ask god to help me somehow .thank you and god bless you all . Love u all!!!!!!!!!!

    • Peter says:

      Hi Jerry,

      I’m very sorry to hear that. You are really going through a tough time. How are you able to support you and your son without work for several years if you don’t mind me asking?

      Father God, I lift up a prayer for your special son Jerry and his child, please provide for their needs and I pray that you give him a job or something that will both honor your name and allow him to pay for his family. I ask that you please continue to watch over them, guide them and open Jerry’s heart so he can gain wisdom from you to see which way to go. I thank you Father so much for Jerry, he is your child and I know you love him so dearly, please continue to give him strength and comfort through this difficult time, in Jesus name, Amen.

    • Irene says:

      Jerry, may the good Lord bless you with a job that will exceed your expectations. Don’t give up, keep praying and keep trying. God is not man that He should lie about his promise for our lives. The promise of a good life. Trials will come but God gives us strength to overcome with faith in him. My prayer for you is that you will be elevated beyond your imagination. He will bless you abundantly In Jesus name and worry over paying bills and taking care of your son will be a thing of the past in Jesus name. Amen

  • Tobalase Omolara says:

    Please help me in prayer, I’m at the verge of breaking down, the troubled
    sins in my life is too much, God please show me mercy, I’ve suffered but I want God to please intervene.

  • onyii says:


  • Christopher says:

    God has His Way of giving out His Love and favours every day just like the way He gave His Son.His blessings are new evry morning.All just have to do is pray an ask.What a wonderful tips to get to God.Thanks.

    • HealingfromGod says:

      Absolutely Christopher, God’s blessings are so numerous that we probably don’t even realize the number and magnitude of His blessings each day. So glad the tips helped! Take care.

  • chomba stephen says:

    thanks for the education,Now there at times when you feel guilty of not even mentioning the name jesus (LORD),
    what would one do to attract the presence of GOD? please help!


    • HealingfromGod says:

      Hi Chomba,

      Well, I believe the conviction we feel is actually God’s way of letting us know that we did something wrong. Not only that but it’s an invitation for us to confess and repent from our sins by going to the Lord. I think we just need to realize that our sin is forgiven by the price paid by Jesus Christ, we simply need to turn to God with an open and honest heart so that we can turn away from that sin.

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  • sheila says:

    halleluya, I am uplifted!

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