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Welcome to HealingfromGod, a site that focuses on common mental health issues to give people practical ways to grow and heal through Christian based resources that are supported with the latest scientific literature.

Why HealingfromGod?

The main goal of this site is to combine the latest scientific literature with Christian principles, to give you practical ways you can experience complete healing in your life.

Peter, Founder.


Peter is currently a board certified PA-C licensed in California with a dual MSPAS/MPH degree.

He previously worked at an inpatient mental health facility with people who have a variety of mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Addiction, and Developmental disorders.

He currently practices in both Psychiatry and Internal Medicine with a special interest in Diabetes and Lipidology.

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  • Paulo says:

    Hi Peter,

    I cried while reading your article on How To Let Go Of Someone You Love. My story of unrequited love is a little different than yours but what you said in the article resonated inside me so much. It is very difficult to let go because for me, letting go is giving up every single hope there is. But at the same time, holding on does not do much good either. By holding on, you let things not within your control consume you. It is not spiritually and physically healthy. There are so many beautiful things that happen every single day, so many blessings to be thankful for. And because your mind is clouded by the thoughts of how the person you adore is unable to reciprocate your feelings, you are unable to appreciate them. So, today, although it hurts, I have resolved to stop trying and give it all to Him. I know deep within my heart that I cannot change the mind of the person I love. That in itself is already painful and I should stop hurting myself more by holding on to the idea that we may still end up together if I do not stop trying. I have nothing to give anymore. It’s time to take a step back and just let things be. I will take my time and eventually, may believe in love again.

  • Kevin says:

    I cannot log in to the prayer wall area to ask for prayer because I don’t have a Facebook account. I do need prayer for healing, however…last Thursday I had a heart catheter procedure, and the cardiologist told me that I needed triple bypass heart surgery in the next five to ten days. We meet with the surgeon on Tuesday. I would love to have some miracle clean up those arteries enough for this to not be necessary…

    If I have to go through this, then I need prayer for a lot more optimistic attitude than I have. More than one of the medical professionals I’ve deal with this lat week have told me that the people that do the best coming through a procedure like the one I’m facing are those who really expect great outcomes…

  • Emma Blackburn says:

    Thank you for your article on letting go of someone you love. It really is tough and painful when that love is unrequited in the same way. What really resonated with me and gave me peace was when you said God can use heartbreak to bring us closer into a intimate relationship with himself. I have found this to be true and Thank you for encouraging me to keep trusting in our Lord Jesus and the work of the holy spirit in me.

  • Clemestine says:

    I need prayer the doctor said I have a blockage in my heart can you prayer for me

  • Elizabeth Bannerman says:

    I sincerely thank you for your help of Prayer during and through the still ongoing Radioactive Therapy for Breast Cancer and the spread to other bodily parts, organs, and bones. i will be very grateful and thankful for further prayer help for my full recovery through complete and permanent Godly healing. Amen!

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