Advertise With Us

God has really blessed us with a large platform to help inspire, encourage, and minister to others.

As a result, we really wish to help others who have a product, service, or ministry as long as it serves to glorify God and help other Christians.

Why you should advertise with us:


1) Exposure – We typically get about 64,000 visitors and 120,000 page views per month which is steadily growing. Our ministry is only about a year old so we have seen remarkable growth. Our facebook page is our primary source of traffic which has over 200,000 fans and is one of the most interactive Christian pages on facebook. We are also the #1 Christian page for the word “Healing” which is a high ranking and highly sought after word.

We also offer custom content through Sponsored Posts. Our facebook page per 1 post typically reaches anywhere between 20,000 to over 100,000 people depending on the post. Our weekly reach has been steady at about  2.1 million people. We also limit our advertisements on our facebook page to 1-2 per day, if any.  Therefore, you can be assured you will more than likely be the only advertisement on that day.

2) Affordable – We know that times are tough and how difficult it is to get exposure to your Christian website, product, or service. Many Christian pages or websites charge a lot in order to advertise. We believe in working with you because ultimately our goal is to serve and minister to others.

3) Trustworthy – We will be upfront and honest with you and if we feel that your Christian page, website, product, or service will not benefit you as much as we’d hope, we will let you know beforehand. We typically only recommend things we feel will help others in their walk with God. We also will help you as much as we can in order for you to be successful.

4) Long-term – We believe in building long-term relationships, we are all servants of Jesus Christ and we want to help you even if you don’t choose to advertise with us!

If you are interested in advertising with us on our website or facebook page, please contact us! We thank you so much for stopping by. God bless.


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