All The Pretty Things That Steal My Heart Away

All The Pretty Things That Steal My Heart Away

by Lilly Monzo Gonzalez

“Brothers, I could not address you as spiritual but as worldly-mere infants in Christ.”-1 Corinthians 3:1

Our culture calls for us to be more self centered, it teaches us and promotes that which is of this world, not of God’s world. Being so, when we encounter a new life in Christ it becomes a hard act to follow.

TV tells us that sin is “o.k.” being by coveting someone else’s spouse, or someone else’s “things.” “Secular culture,” which has little interest in God or Bible matters, teaches us to trust in ourselves, and in the things we can see instead of our unseen, triune God.

Our “materialistic” world primary focus is on accumulating possessions and gaining wealth. It teaches us not to care about others and definitely not giving sacrificially.

It teaches us to be selfish, not kind, to have selfish-ambition, to name a couple. God had been taken out of our culture slowly, one day at a time.

Our society will belittle the “believers” life style and will call us narrow-minded and extreme. Is no wonder so many sees it as o.k. not to believe in a true God, but rather stand united with values which stand in opposition to the way Jesus calls us to live.

Jesus rested through out His ministry. He too needed to spend time with His Father. In order for us to discern that which is of God, we too must take the time to rest and spend time with Him.

By abiding in His Word, spending time in prayer and in solitude with Jesus, He will guide us so that we don’t fall prey to the world’s traps of, me, myself and I. By studying His Word, the Holy Spirit will identify lies and will lead us into all truth, biblical truth.

Slow down, take time to do but take time to rest. Make sure that in the doing you won’t loose track of who’s you are.

Lilly is a retired medical secretary/assistant. She is married and has three children, one of which is in heaven. Her passion is to share God’s Word through her writings. She started writing 8 years ago after her daughter’s passing. She felt the Holy Spirit’s prompting to do so in the hope to be able to help others who had gone through similar trials.

Be sure to watch this awesome video that really summarizes everything!



  • jemima says:

    My phone, and my image. I text on my for all day without doing anything else or stare at my image in the mirror for an hour. GOD I NEED YOUR SAVING GRACE.

    • heal1841 says:

      Hi Jemima,

      I think with the technology today, phones and internet and television are becoming bigger and bigger distractions from our Father. I encourage you to try and refocus on God, meditate on his word, and talk with him throughout the day…

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