How God Helped Me Turn Away From Cigarettes

Anything Is Possible With God

by Cindy Mock

1) What makes you believe in the God of the Bible (what led to your decision)?

Most of my life I felt I was missing something. Even when I had my children I was not totally happy. I thought there was something wrong with me. Then I asked Jesus into my life and He filled that void, that emptiness I had always felt. He loves me enough to answer my prayers.

2) What is the greatest challenge in your walk with God?

Resting in the Lord. I have a take charge personality and it is hard for me to let go, let God.

3) If you could say one thing to those who are unsure about God or don’t believe in God, what would you say?

First I would invite them to share their story with me. Everyone has a story. I would invite our comforter in to lead me in scripture and share some of my story with them. I would try to impart on them How Much God Loves Us. I would do follow ups if possible to allow encouragement, comfort and support.

Cindy Mock

Osseo Community
People think I’m crazy. They say “You take this Jesus thing too seriously.”
We’ll I don’t know, but Christ took me pretty seriously when HE DIED FOR ME

Her Story:

My Dad was a very giving man, always helping someone out. He pretty much lived out the idea you never met a stranger, people were just friends you had not met yet. Although we were told about Jesus, Church was not apart of our lives. My Dad had so much goodness in him it still amazes me, because it was him not Jesus, you see my dad was an alcoholic he drank almost every day of my life.

Then in 1984 he quit drinking and smoking, just like that, no help from pills or anything that I’m aware of, he quits. A year later almost to the day he has a stroke that leaves him unable to talk and walk and thats when God came into Our House. Hallelujah !!!!!

media-uploadAt this time I have two small children and I’m a single Mom living out in the world. The words “Keeping my eyes on You” began to haunt me. I would wake up in the middle of the night with these words running through my mind. We as a family hooked up with a Church, my kid sister had discovered coming home one Sunday morning still drunk from the night before.

My Dad starts watching Jimmy Swaggart, 700 Club on T.V. My Dad gets sick COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) the cigarette abuse caught up with him. 1987 Nov 23 at about 1:00 my Dad went home to Our Lord. Praise the Lord!!!!

Now I can give you all kinds of excuses, but the fact is we turned from God, not totally. I’m ashamed to say I used God when it was convenient to me. But God didn’t turn from me , no way he still loved me.

In 1989 I met and married this man that loved to play guitar, sing etc..After many years of trying to block out these words I finally set down one night and put “Keeping my eyes on You” to paper. I never changed a word of it, it is as it came to me back in 1985 through the Holy Spirit. I continued to write, play and live my life my way.

Fast forward 2009 I end up in the hospital COPD i’m in bad shape the Dr says you are dying get it together. Your only hope is a lung transplant. My son is off in the service (Army, proud of you,Baby), my daughter has a family (proud of you Baby), I’m divorced but living with this guy that is not so nice. (Ya you can say it) I’m not living well at all.

I’m headed full speed me and my sin for a Mack truck and I have nothing to protect me. Death is not only knocking it has me pulled almost completely into the grave!!!! I spent that night Bawling my eyes out alone with my God.

The next day I went back to work and continued on living my life, smoking away. Now my son is so against smoking it is like a personal attack against him and he has always been this way. Last nov he comes home from CO for a visit. He is getting out of the service because of an injury they can’t fix.

He has my Grandson (my daughters youngest boy, she has two)with him they are at the Service Station where I have worked for the past four years. Now my son has said this so many times through out his life it was like a broken record, I would just wave it away, ya some day. They are standing their together saying “Mom(Grandma) quit smoking we Love you.” and it really hits me. I mean like to my knees HITS ME I could NOT die and let these precious babies think I didn’t love them enough to fight to live.

God brought me victory Jan 31,2012. Hallelujah He is my Hero. Todate…April 8th 2012 I ended up in the hospital, turned blue twice, but God let me know He still has work for me to do. The Drs just shake their heads, they have a hard time believing I am up and doing the Lord’s work.

My lung capacity is about the size of a 6 month old baby. All they can offer is to keep me comfortable at this end time of my life. I go to Respiratory therapy twice a week and do an hr long exercise program over a mile of continuous exercise. I am currently being cleared to go into our local Nursing Home to volunteer to read, sit and/or talk to bedridden/stroke/coma residents.

Where ever the Holy Spirit leads me I will go.

P.S: I just celebrated one year no smoking and into my 10th month of a year they said I most likely had to live.





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