The Power of God’s Amazing Love

The Power of God's Amazing Love

By Barbara

I was born and raised Catholic. I have know God long before I started school as I am the youngest of 5 and my family prayed, talked about God and they all teached me from age 2 about our Lord. I went to Catholic school where my faith was deepened. I don’t remember a life before Christ but there have been times I have put God on the back burner and regreted it.

969572_652675961414916_1395627904_nI let life take over instead of letting God lead when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s off and on. When I did not let God lead, I was struggling with jobs, bad relationships with friends or men. When I gave myself up to God, He led me down the path I needed, I was a single mom due to an abusive marriage and when I thought I couldn’t make ends meet, God provided.

When I thought I couldn’t raise a child alone, what would I do, who would help watch my child while I worked? God provided a safe place to put my child and ease my fears. I have never doubted that there is “a” God. I have always known, deep inside He was real. I have always had a heavy heart when I think of what Jesus went through for us and cry at the thought of someone hurting my Sweet Lord Jesus.

I have been told by “Christians” that the Bible is just written by people on hearsay or their own words, but I disagree. The Bible is written in God’s words, the ones He wants us to hear. When I have been down, deep in debt, lonely, afraid, which has been recently too, God has put people in my path that I would have never expected to meet. People who have helped and provided what I was lacking or needing. God is continuing to guide me right now down a path I have been longing and praying for. I have given myself completely over to my Lord. My soul, spirit, heart, head, body, I have given over to God. I say several times each day – God’s Will Be Done.

I have been used by many people in this past year due to the fact I was trying to help someone. When I reached a point where I knew I could not recover or get out of this dark world I was taken down into by the unwelcomed devil, I did not turn to people, I turned to God. I asked God to help me get back on my feet. I ask daily for forgiveness and ask daily for help in getting the devil out of my life as I had never asked that lowly thing into my life.

Everyday I feel my strong self coming back. Every day I meet someone who is becoming a friend or is helping me in other ways. If I had hot given myself over to God, none of the good things that are happening to me would be happening.

Yes I have lost a lot due to this dark time and bad people, but I learned a very important lesson, I can do without a lot of material things and still be happy. I can rely on others and not think I have to do this all by myself. I have been humbled and can see God much clearer now.

I had lost my faith in mankind 9 months ago and did not trust easly due to scammers attacking me but God has calmed me and eased my mind. He has shown me the good in mankind again, that I can trust people. He has brought back the knowledge that there is good in people.

If I could tell non-believers or people who say they are spiritual one thing, I would tell them about the mircle I witnessed the day my mother died. I would tell them about the guardian angel I was blessed enought to see the weekend before she died standing in her doorway of her bedroom while she lay on the bed. I would tell them the amazing feeling of the power of God’s love as I was honored to feel it the day my mother died. I would love to share that story with anyone.

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  • Takudzwa moses nyakudya says:

    So touching and inspirational because I have seen the work of god. Through your story I have learned alot. God bless you and may God increase your days of your life.

  • God is always faithful to his children please God make me an angel today in jesus name amen. I am moved by this story. But rember that when ever you do good to someone you will have pace in your mind. So always do good, it pay’s.

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