Evidence of God’s Love and Grace In My Life

evidence of gods love and grace in my life

by Cheryl

Last year on October 30, 2012 I came very close to being killed when a vehicle ran a red light and clipped my electric bicycle’s front tire.

I had been very busy the entire year with my business and October had been intense. I was going to have my first successful year in business but the accident changed everything.

There was just one big problem, I was far from God being an agnostic living in the sinful city of San Francisco since 1995.

My client who witnessed the aftermath of the accident said I was laying face down in the street and he thought I was dead. I had no memory of the incident just waking up at the hospital where I learned I had several broken bones that they performed surgery placing metal in my leg. I remained at the hospital for two weeks due to tests they wanted to perform on my spine and neck.

Shortly after the accident God brought Himself to my awareness who spoke to my spirit directly with the message Jesus was the true Messiah. My spiritual eyes had been opened.

As things unfolded, I learned I was hit the day before Saints Day by a Mr. Devine I thought was very coincidental. I’m not saying God would want me injured, but my turning from Him caused Him to lift his protection so I would turn back my life to Him. Believe me, I repented and prayed to Him realizing what an utter fool I had been ignoring His existence.

I was facing financial bankruptcy from the accident owing the city of San Francisco $255,000. I didn’t know how such an enormous bill would ever get paid or that I would be able to find an attorney to help. The man who hit me had a $15,000 minimal coverage policy having no assets. What I later witnessed unfolding astounded me.

One month prior to the accident an unusual bike insurance program was brought to my attention, the only one in the country ever.

I paid $5.00 for this insurance as part of a bike club membership and it paid $100,000 for accident medical costs.. Based on this hope, an attorney took my case and was able to negotiate my bills down to the amount I had available. Within eight months of the accident the entire related financial debt have been paid off!

God helped me completely through this process and I now hunger for His Word and have refocused my life on Him.

I know I likely don’t have much time left on earth that God gave me another chance to turn around towards Him. I got His message loud and clear.

Jesus Christ is the true Messiah who heals and forgives our transgressions. God’s grace is mighty and His love great to give me a second chance. I could have easily been killed.


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