Given New Life Again

Given New Life Again

By Tracy Blackwell

Do you know I have been in “Eygpt” (biblical) for 44 years and now I am a citizen of God’s kingdom, all things I once thought was gain I now count as loss.

I have 2 amazing kids who I love with a passion and pray that they come to know the Lord. My family and I are not close and I am praying for breakthrough in my brothers, sister and mother.

I have friends and am finding lots of Christians I can be in communion with. My partner of 9 years left me and all I know is work and by the grace of God I now know him.

My life here is but a moment for what awaits in eternity in heaven. So despite enjoying beautiful moments like going to the countryside my every moment and thought is on Jesus, he is my obsession.

I was an alcoholic, I was a workaholic, I was a 20 a day smoker fowl mouthed blasphemer and a very very sinful person, I relied on anti-depressants and diazepam but now I am free in Christ and born again what more could there be to look for than him.

I haven’t drank a drop of alcohol since June of last year I haven’t smoked since August last year, no tablets since July of last year of any kind including pain killers.

What is there to need other than Jesus. I have lost 2 stone in weight and it is still coming off. I sleep peacefully and sound. I smile almost all day long (except in times of weakness but God is helping me overcome my fears)

I know some will say that there has to be a balance but I don’t see any scales in how much God has to offer I just see him.

I am not a bible bashing fruity just a good news sharer I think there is a difference.

I am just unbelievably in love with Jesus and know what it cost him the parable of the servant who was forgiven much in the way of a debt just speaks so loud to me.

I welcome all the beautiful things he does in my heart, mind and body. I am complete in him and go from glory to glory and will be made perfect at his coming.

I am facing challenges and have moments of great distress and many weaknesses but I have a mentor who has been teaching me Gods word. Gods words are so amazingly supernatural that they can lift up the broken hearted and restore peace, All the glory be to God. My words can only sing of the praises of Jesus everything else pails into insignificance.

Tracy is 45 years old and was a former British soldier but now is a soldier for Christ. She is self employed and in love with our Lord Jesus and evangelizes to as many people as she can.



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