God Healed Me From My Depression And Suicide

god heal depression

by Lizette Carmona

If you would have asked me a year and a half ago if I would be here where I am right now I would have told you I did not even think it was possible… But of course with God all is possible, even that which we think is not…. And today I am so glad He proved me wrong…

Before I begin I just wanted to say that a lot of times we go through life thinking we are doing what we think is right…. being as appreciative as can be or maybe as grateful as we should be but one day we realize that we never really were.

I had to loose every thing I had, not just material things, but also a lot of myself to realize that the only one that was there to rescue me and restore me was God and only God…. I had spent most my life looking for what I got from the Lord in just one year and never even getting close to it…. I had been so blinded and even today I have so much more to learn and appreciate and be grateful for because when it comes to Gods love, mercy and forgiveness, not even your whole life is enough time to thank Him… I pray one day I may be so blessed that I may give Him the praise and adoration He so completely deserves in person… that would be the greatest gift of all..

Once upon a time I was homeless, depressed to the point where I was contemplating suicide and homicide, I had lost everything and was on my way to loosing my mind and or my freedom but God in his undying love and mercy rescued me and no it did not happen over night… but today I can say that I don’t need anything but Him…. that He has given me ten fold what was taken from me and ten times much better because that is how God blesses..

I love Him so much and He has done so much for me that I know I can’t repay Him not even with my life because even that He was the one who gave it to me…

But with all this I want to let everyone who reads this see that God is loyal and merciful when you seek Him wholeheartedly and faithfully…. He doesn’t give up on you even though you do…. He made you so how could He and that is why He will always receive you with open arms back home…. all He wants is obedience and glory because it belongs to Him…

May God bless all of you like He has blessed me… Amen


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