God Is So Good

by Lib Shipma

It is hard to begin to say about the power of God’s healing hand.

We recently had a celebration at our new home…we called it, “miracle celebration”….standing in the midst is our family.

The first miracle is my husband, who was seriously injured in Afghanistan. He died three times in flight back from Germany and they prepared me for the worse when I arrived in Washington.

They said if he survived…he probably would never walk again. …you know what God did…two days later my husband was walking and God is totally given ALL credit. Through the power of prayer God lifted him up and I thank HIM so often.

Then recently, about 2 months ago my oldest son was given a 50-50 chance of survival: you know what GOD lifted him up and he is home now.. prayer chain going on the computer and prayers went out all over and GOD heard them people!!!!

Going through some struggles but he is alive and I thank you God. Then a month ago my 2-year granddaughter fell in the pool and drowned…her sister (3) asked where is Chrystal? Everyone started running around and her daddy found her faced down in the pool….pulled her out and started CPR….when daddy couldn’t any more Mom took over and Thank you God for giving them the ability to bring her back…after a night in ICU she was brought home!!

How many ways can you say Thank you GOD?

On her checkup she was declared doing great…some fluid on her lungs and we have to be very careful to listen out for severe coughing ….. Never enough I can tell you that much and I can never walk away from wanting to share how good GOD has been in taking care of my family !! And never enough ways to say thank you GOD !


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