God Miraculously Healed My AIDS

God Miraculously Healed My AIDS

By Dave Schultz

In 1996 I was very sick and diagnosed with A.I.D.S. I was told by many doctors that I would be lucky to live another month. My immune system was gone and the virus was raging through my body.

The first thing I did when it sank in was to think about my kids. I prayed not for myself but that my kids be safe from it (they were and there mother was also negative).

I went through a bad spell where I thought if I am going to die I might as well go out happy. So, I started drinking daily and even tried suicide several times.

I picked up the Bible still blaming God in my heart for putting this on me. I for some unknown reason at the time, also started watching church broadcasts online. I figured if I am going, I might as well try to get to the right place.

I learned through the Bible and the broadcasts that what I had had nothing to do with God. I had heard that God could defeat satan, so I prayed and asked Jesus to help me, I did not expect a cure or anything just asked that whatever he can do if he can do it in my life.

Time went on till my next visit to the doctors. When I walked in his office expecting to hear the worst, he said ….. “I don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it” and I did. In 1998 my A.I.D.S went into full remission my immune system started to get stronger and I got healthier. (all praise to God).

Jump to the present day,  my immune system is as strong as a persons would be who never had HIV/AIDS, the virus is in me but is in full remission. I was told by another doctor that my kidneys were getting really bad this year, told me to change diet and that might stop them from getting worse (they were working at only 32%).

Well you guessed it, trusted Jesus and dove into my Bible and believed for them to be fixed, 2 months later not only had the numbers stopped going down but they went up 2%.

No matter what you are going through, no matter what any person tells you. Believe in GOD and believe in JESUS


Praise god and thank you Jesus.


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  • KATIE SUCHIT says:

    I think its interesting to see miracles from the Lord, I pray a lot and I would like to have good healthy long life with prosperity and have a baby I am 50 years old.

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