How Did We Get So Lost As Christians

How Did We Get So Lost As Christians

How did we get so lost?

Today, there is so much evidence that people are suffering. I’m not talking about suffering in the sense of poverty, famines, wars, we certainly have those major issues as well.

However, the type of suffering I am talking about is the internal suffering. Where we pretend everything is alright when deep down we are screaming for help, screaming for an answer to the pain we don’t want to feel.

Evidence for this suffering is so obvious, one only needs to look around. Addictions, anxiety, drugs, worshiping celebrities, professional athletes, money, power, abuse. All of these things point to a world where people are suffering on the inside and these things, these distractions, only make it worse.

Recently, I posted an article at Revelife about pornography but even now I’m beginning to regret it. Why you ask? I think even I have missed the most important point in life, love.

Here is a reply I wrote to someone:

Pornography is not the central issue or problem. Pornography, like ANYTHING, is a distraction that keeps people at the surface. You could interchangeably switch out pornography with, drugs, celebrities, status, power, etc. The point being, all of these things prevent people from looking within themselves out of fear.

I honestly think, most people are absolutely terrified to not only look deeper within themselves and be honest about who they really are, but I also think people are terrified that maybe, just maybe we aren’t in as much a position of control in our lives as we may think.

Whether you call it God or any other thing, that is up to you. Historically, the ancient Christians knew about this and this central message became lost as man began to distort it.

Sadly, this has caused more division and alienation and it is no wonder why more and more people are ‘fed up’ with religion and therefore God, I was the same way.

My favorite quote came from a book I read recently that said,

God cannot be experienced through thought, only through love.

I have found this to be 100% true. We simply can’t keep pretending to love anymore, we must love through action. I have made the mistake  of missing the entire point, we must love to experience God.

Love, comes through fellowship, brotherhood, sisterhood, our neighbor.

All of those distractions point us away from this and therefore we miss out on the very thing that makes us whole, complete, and at peace, _____. Insert what you think, here.

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  • Cody says:

    Don’t let this go to your ego, but you have discovered a denied suffering in the world. I have come to these conclusion and hearing someone else say it, makes me feel how real it is. Thank you for sharing that, its very scare that I am the only one commenting on this. Its like almost everyone is dreaming. haha.

    • HealingfromGod says:

      Hi Cody,

      Thanks for replying. I actually realized this in a Christianity course that I took and the professor was quick to point this out. I hope more people realize this…

  • jeanie says:

    Healing god heals people everyday love u Jesus.

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