How God Broke My Alcoholism

break free alcohol christian

By Leroy

Hello, my name is Leroy. I am 52 years old, and I am a recovered Alcoholic, and have been for nine years. I would like to share with you my testimony of what the Lord Jesus has done for me.

You noticed that I didn’t say “recovering” alcoholic; I have already recovered by the blood of the lamb and the word of my testimony! I am a new Creation created in Christ Jesus for good works. Old things have passed away and all things are new. You see, that Old Man is gone, Praise God!

I started drinking when I was 13 years old, Why you may ask? I have not the slightest idea why I started drinking. I could say it was because some of my family did or I was around it quite often watching my family drink, but I believe that is trying to put the blame on someone else. I drank it because I wanted to.

Something inside of me kept saying, “Try it, it won’t hurt, just one little drink.” So I did what that voice was telling me to do, and that is when I became hooked on alcohol.

Yes, I fought the battle of the bottle for more than 30 years. There were times when in a drunken stupor I’d cry out to the Lord for help. I wanted to stop drinking but couldn’t. I was raised in church and was in and out of it most of my life trying to serve the Lord the best way I knew how. But the desire for a drink was stronger than I was. Alcohol had me; it was in control, so I would stop going to church and start drinking again. The devil would tempt me with thoughts of suicide, but I still could hear the Lord’s voice saying, “No, that’s not the way.”

My family didn’t want to be around me, because when I came to visit or they came by to see me, I was either drunk or drinking. Yes, I held down a job and would provide for my family, but I assure you that I would have enough money for a drink. And yes, there were times when I spent all my wages on booze instead of paying bills, letting my wife and sons suffer from lack of things they needed. There were times, after a week of being drunk, that when I was coming down off the alcohol, I would cry out to God, “Please Lord help me!” But it seemed like no help came.

Yes, I have been in treatment centers. Then I would stay sober for a month or two, and then that little voice would come back saying, “well just drink a six pack and no more.” I would listen to it for days and fight it, but soon I would give in, and I would go get me that six pack of beer. Before I knew it, I was getting another one and then it would be whiskey. I have had people come around to visit me and I never remembered them being there.

I would sit in this old chair, drinking and watching television. This would go on for days, and finally when I would sober up, beside my chair was a big pile of beer cans and whiskey bottles. I would think . . . how can a man live like this?!

I used to have an old shot gun stuck behind the TV for rabbit hunting, and the more I’d drink, the more that little voice would say, “why don’t you just stick the shot gun in your mouth and pull the trigger?” But there was another voice that would tell me, “NO! That’s not the way, don’t do it!” So I would ask my wife to hide the gun, and as soon as she hid it, the little suicide voice would stop. This went on for years and by the grace of God I am still alive.

Something inside of me wouldn’t let me end it. The devil couldn’t get me to use the shot gun so he thought he would try to kill me another way. On August 1, 1991, I had a heart attack. I could of died, but by the grace and mercy of God, I made it through.

While I was in the hospital on my sick bed, Jesus was knocking on my heart’s door. I made a decision during that time to come back to the Lord. On the first Sunday I was home from the hospital, I went back to church, where I belonged in the first place. After I had been going to church for a few months, I realized that the craving for a drink had stopped. God had completely delivered me and I didn’t even ask Him to, or did I?

All those times in the past that I had cried out to him for help, I thought He wasn’t listening, but now I know He was. It took something drastic in my life for me to listen to what he was trying to tell me. The Old devil tried to kill me, but Jesus came on the scene, and when Jesus shows up, things happen! Now I am saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, and I praise God for he does hear and answers prayer.

That night somewhere in time, I was totally and completely delivered from alcohol, and I have to this day never touched another drink…Praise God! Jesus took this Old Drunk, put a guitar in my hands and now I play and sing in church for the Lord.

There is hope for everyone that has a drinking or drug problem. Jesus can and will set you free like he did for me. It feels good to wake up in the morning not worrying where my next drink is coming from. You see, I am a walking, talking, miracle of God. What I couldn’t do, Jesus did! Yes, there are still life’s problems, but now I can face them with the help of the Lord Jesus.

If there is anyone reading this who is having trouble with alcohol, I pray that you will listen to that still small inner voice of God that is trying to get your attention and cry out to Him – He will help you! Please do it before it is too late. You see, I could have died and ended up in hell, but God was merciful to me.

There are many people in this world dying from alcohol abuse, so please don’t be on that list (road or lifestyle) the devil would like to keep you on. Why not accept God into your life today before it is too late . . . Jesus is there to help you.

You may say, I don’t need Jesus, but everyone needs Jesus . . .




  • kat says:

    i’ve been a christian 7 years and formerly addicted to all sorts incl alcohol. Now 2 years addicted back where is god

    • Peter says:

      Hi Kat,

      Your welcome to email us at so that we might be able to discuss what your going through and try and help in any way. We will be praying for you.

      • Lori C says:

        I do not know where to go to, I look for AA groups, I look for Christian Recovery Centers, I know I need help. I dont drink everyday and can also have a drink and then move on, it’s when I hide and drink at home and drink too much! I stopped for 8 months. I was drinking since the age of 11 because I come from a family who drank a lot! I ask myself daily, why Lord why Lord, why dont you take this desire away. I feel helpless. I go to a really good church, listen everyday, read my bible, pray but I find every reason to think I will only have one drink only. I cry out to GOD, question my salvation because I fall often and just am in denial~

        HELP and please pray for me.

        • Peter says:

          Hi Lori,

          I’m really sorry to hear about your struggle with alcohol. My first thought was give yourself some credit, you came from a home with alcohol and despite that you were able to stay sober for 9 months and I imagine you also have many other times where you went extended periods of time not drinking.

          I think one of the key things is really identifying social triggers. If you noticed that you feel ‘the urge’ to drink more when your all by yourself in the dark then try and find ways to avoid that or change the environment in some small ways. Something as small as putting up some different pictures or a bit more involved could be changing the color of a room. The idea here though is to avoid the social cues and if thats not possible to change or rearrange the environment to minimize those things.

          I would also encourage you to find someone that you can call when your feeling compelled to drink, continue building your support network like you have been, and of course continue to pray.

          You aren’t lost or hopeless Lori, you have had success despite coming from what I imagine was a very difficult background. I will definitely be praying for you and if you need anything or need to talk feel feel free to message me on my facebook page.

          Your brother in Christ,


          • George says:

            Lori, I drank heavily for 40 years,started at age 13 in the same way you did with my family. We always went to Church and I fell away many times. I would go to Church and then stop and get a 12 pack afterwards that was just to get me going, I always had beer stashed so it was always available. I would stand outside just stoned and think why am I doing this. To make very long story short. I didnt find God he found me!! I still remember the day, year and hour and the massive fear of God that came over me. I have been sober for 7 years and I hate that sin it is aweful. Jesus said if you remain in him he will remain in you. Go to church, read your bible daily and constant in prayer. Read the story of the prodigal son I think its in Luke. It fits your situation and listen attentivly. God bless you and keep you. George.

        • Jeff says:

          God healed min 1998 I was stationed in South Korea and received legal documents that air was losing custody of my boys. I’d already worked 48 straight during two major safety mishaps. I got drunk and tried to kill myself. I was taken to the hospital free giving up the attempt. A Gospel Chaplain prayed for me 2 days later and I NEVER DESIRED A DROp OF ALCOHOL after that day he prayed for me. My wife couldn’t believe it either. 21 years later, Still no desire!! God Can!!! A Chaplain Prayed THE PRAYER OF FAITH FOR ME!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      God is always with you even when you cant see it I think the same thing but I can’t deny he is always with us hang in there lord help this person in Jesus name, amen.

  • sharron pedley says:

    I am a christian and I am going through a marriage breakup and I am drinking again

  • David says:

    I stress up and feel addicted to Alcohol. please remember me in your prayer.

    • HealingfromGod says:

      Hi David,

      I will say some healing prayers that God would help you to deal with your stress and allow you to break free from alcohol addiction. Please keep in touch. Blessings.


    • Diane Streeter says:

      Please pray for me and my husband we both have a alcohol problem and their is the other drugs involved too ,these vicious things has separated us I truly need to be free my Michael has had two major car accidents with DUI please pray for us ,Thank you

    • Diane S says:

      Please pray for me and my husband we both have a alcohol problem and their is the other drugs involved too ,these vicious things has separated us I truly need to be free my Michael has had two major car accidents with DUI please pray for us ,Thank you

  • sharron pedley says:

    I am healed..praise God

  • Bob says:

    forty years in and out of AA, jail, treatment centers, on my knees begging God. I gave up trying and knew I would die from a illness with no cure. When I could not fight the voices no more I bought the whiskey and beer. Looking at my wives Bible I cursed Jesus with all the hate I could and said if he was real he better prove it to me or I would do all I could to prove he was a fake and get my wife back from him. Wow when God choses you and gives you the Holy Spirit YOU KNOW IT!!! That man died and a new one was born. That was three years ago. READ THE BIBLE!! ASK JESUS IF HE WILL ACCEPT YOU!!!

  • Johnny says:

    Hi my name is johnny and I am currently looking for god. Ive also had a drinking problem but after I got into a car crash after drinking god has opened my eyes. II took this as a sign from him to give me a second chance. I could of lost my leg or worse took some one else life. I feel so blessed but right now I’m on a journey finding my inner soul and the lord Jesus. I just need to find a church. I want to be part of a church and help out as many ppl as I can. Letting them know that God is real and he is guiding me through the right path once again.

  • Wendy says:

    I am 37 with 3 kids. I have always struggled with depression. In the past I would drink but then stop with no problem. After having my 2nd child I was drinking but had to stop because of going through a psychosis and I didn’t drink for 8 years. I have been a strong Christian since 18. God has always been my joy and my everything. 2 years ago I had another child and had started drinking again to deal with depression, stress and boredom. Now I feel like I can’t stop. I continue to pray for deliverance but none comes. I’ve tried a few meetings but I just don’t have the time to go with 3 kids and my husband working full time coming home tired. Any prayers of healing would be appreciated. God has delivered me from the desire to drink in the past- why not now?

  • John says:

    I have the same thoughts sometimes. Lost wife, 2 wonderful adult sons, home, friends, self respect. Nearly died from burns- skin,fat,nerves,muscle and bone. I nearly died 3 times. I am here- why? People keep telling me god has not finished with me, he knows your purpose. I have faith, I believe in god and Jesu, but not in myself. I talk to them both all the time. Stuff happens when it is time for it too. I just wish it would bloody well hurry up/

    • Peter says:

      Wow, really sorry to hear about the things you are going through right now John. I won’t waste time trying to tell you what you have already heard from other Christians. It sucks, no doubt about it, I can’t even imagine how incredibly painful that must be to experience that.

      Romans 8:18 seems to come to my heart when I think of your present situation. Here is a brief article with some other encouraging verses I like and have helped me personally through some difficult times in my own life. Will be praying for you John.


  • Nagendra N says:

    My name is Nagendra N age (22) I am from India (Bangalore) I am drinking by 5 years,I lost hope life and money people everything I believe in Jesus.but science 8 months ago I am not went church battle for life please pray to me please

    • Peter says:

      Hi Nagendra,

      I know this is a terribly late reply and I’m sorry for that. It sounds like you have really been through a lot and I will pray for God’s strength to lift you up and to encourage you and comfort you during this time. Will also pray for healing prayers so that God breaks your alcohol addiction finally. Feel free to contact me at anytime.

      Your brother in Christ,


  • Lee says:

    Please pray for Joe (Clintonville Wi) that God deliver him from alcohol completely to glorify God- or take him soon because his children are watching him act like a fool-Ultimately , Let Jesus be glorified!!

    • Peter says:

      Hi Lee,

      Real sorry for the late reply to this. Will definitely pray for Joe, would love to hear updates if you ever see this again.


  • Harrid Perez says:

    Hi my name is Harrid and I have an alcohol addiction please pray for me so I quit drinking alcohol.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Harrid,

      I will be sure to lift up some healing prayers for you. If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me on my facebook page at any time.

      Your brother in Christ,


  • W.p.J.R.V.Vaas says:

    Hey Mr. Leroy Iam impressed of your Testimony recovered Alcoholic I know with God everything is possible so thanks be to the God your pio Testimony will make you in and out fill full blessed be the name of Jesus prasie the Lord Alleluija Alleluija!

  • Chris says:

    Please pray for me as I am putting away alcohol..For good!
    I’m a Christian…And got caught up in this habit…For about 6 years…. Please pray…for a fresh filling of the Spirit…And as I stop…The Lord will sustain and heal me….Thank you!!

  • Anonymous says:


    I truly believe that God will never put us to shame. My husband Joseph Martin is alcoholic and speaks awful things when drunk. Despite many trials, God always has directed me to not leave him. My daughter is getting deprived of her love from her father, due to his addiction and the lie that the devil tells him. He is a very loving husband and father when not drunk. I speak ill things of him when he does/ speaks crazy. The devil frustrates me. Please pray that I have the strength to fight the devil through Jesus and crush the evil one. In Jesus name. Amen.

  • Daniel says:

    Feel at end of my rope – solutions healing. God Father, help, bring, hope, and let me to feel your love, work in my heart and break bondage’s addictions/habbits/sexual impurity, solutions Father God and the strength to walk in them. Peace Miracles Father God..Freedom

  • Anonymous nurse says:

    I read the comments and nice to see I am not alone. At 42, 3 kids an amazing job I fear I will die from the bondage of alchohol. Having been sober over 10 years and now owned by alchohol for 6 years I see a dreadful death…death I do not’s the legacy I will leave my children that breaks my heart. My father died by his owned hand because of his addiction. I swore I would not repeat the cycle. But here we are. I have tried 100 times to stop. My heart and mind have bitter and resentful thoughts when I am not drinking. I want me back but I fear I am lost forever, I am a monster, I lie and steal from my family I put myself into dangerous situations. It’s not going to end pleasantly for anyone. And got the record I have begged with what little heart and soul I have left. Begged for deliverance from the evil that has smothered me. However it appears there is no bucking this genetic code. For today I am sober and everything about it feels wrong.

    • Peter says:

      Hi anonymous nurse,

      I feel your pain, I really do. Although I don’t have any first hand experience with alcohol addiction myself I did have a family member (my step-dad) who was an alcoholic. Long nights without him coming home, missed baseball games, and an eventual affair that led to the whole fall out.

      First off, be incredibly proud that you are Even for 1 day, that is a victory that you have over alcohol. The feelings you feel now, perhaps, may never go entirely away. But I do truly think that the struggle, the battle that you are facing, God definitely sees that and a fight like that is always better than rolling over and giving up.

      I will definitely be praying for you and your family, don’t lose hope, you are a fighter and you have an almighty God that sees your pain and struggle.


  • Ryan says:

    I hate what my drinking has caused, all the hurt, pain, and betrayal I have caused kills me. The guilt, and shame that haunt my mind tears me apart, I have grown to hate my self for everything I’ve ever done. I pray God breaks through my stuborness, I pray for the strength in Christ’ power to break free from the bondage of sin that has me enslaved. I’m not a victim I’m the perpetrator, I don’t blame anyone, I’m responsible for my actions and the way I’m living grieves God, my family and my self. I pray for true lasting sobriety so I can get on with the business of life and life how I ought. I want my heart and life to glorify God. I desire to follow Him but my booze hinders growth and promotes death….please…please pray for me and my family.

  • Ben Meade says:

    I was sober 18 years. I fell off the wagon many times since. AA has not worked. I am a christian and a believer. Maybe It is not my time to be sober yet. I dunno. I am just tired of it. Giving up.


  • Lost & Broken says:

    I have been drinking for 25yrs now, I started at 13yrs. I have gotten to the point where I drink to much and to often. I have tried to stop on several occasions but since everyone I am around drinks it is hard. I have prayed for years to stop drinking, but now at the point where I don’t care if I live or die. I already suffer from depression and I know drinking is no help but I no longer know what to do. I have no one to talk to about this. Please pray for me.

    • Peter says:

      Hi there,

      Do you happen to have anyone at your local church who you can talk to or might be willing to? If not, whereabouts are you? Please contact me on the facebook page so we can talk. Will be lifting up some prayers for you so that God can provide you with peace for your heart, comforting arms around you, and guidance to lead you through the storms.


  • Gary N Klepper says:

    My prayers go out to all with drug and alcohol addictions. I have been their myself. Depression, stress, feeling of doubt. They can all be over come by relying on Jesus. Start your day with prayer, pray during the day, and going to sleep praying to Jesus. I will be praying for all with addictions. God bless you all.

    • Peter says:

      Thank you for your prayers Gary and awesome that Jesus was able to help you. Hope you have a wonderful holidays and blessings in the New Year!


  • Carolyn B. says:

    I came here for hope that I can see my brother delivered from alcohol and drugs. Our father died from cirrhosis. I used to binge drink a lot as a young adult and living without Jesus in my life. I’m now starting to see how alcoholism can run in the family. I’m crying out for deliverance for my family from this evil curse. I do understand and do feel that lure back into self-destructive drinking when times are tough. Fortunately, the power of God is much stronger than addiction. I can’t say I know why some have yet to reach complete deliverance. Maybe changing your surroundings helps. I have a new life in Christ and drinking does not fit into that life. If I’m around my family some will push me to drink, telling me: You can have a drink. Why do they feel the need to push drinking and give me permission I’m not asking for? I get so angry when they do it. I don’t want to, but I think they want to make drinking look okay and need me to join in to feel better about their own drinking problems. Maybe too convicting when someone is present saying, Not interested. My mom, the family enabler, is the pushiest yet she does not drink. I have been sober 18 years, but struggling now with the reality that alcoholism is a curse in my family. I find myself terrified of what this is doing to my family. This week the warfare is so strong. I can’t eat or sleep. I’ve walked away from my family now. I can’t watch the train wreck. It’s affecting my health dramatically. Been crying for days nonstop. Lord, deliver those from addiction. Right now I must keep fighting for my life from cancer. I can’t fix them. I can’t carry this burden for them not meant to be on my back. I’ve done it for too long and it’s literally killing me.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Carolyn,

      I’m sorry you are dealing with such a heavy burden right now and it sounds like for quite some time. Do you have any other support that you can go to to help you? I think absolutely the environment makes a huge difference and you need people in your life that will continue to advocate for you and have the best interests for you. Are you part of any church groups?

      I’ll be praying for God to help comfort you and give you strength during these difficult times.

      “And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.” -1 Peter 5:10

  • joanne says:

    Please pray for me I cant stop drinking even though I know its a sin.

    • Peter says:

      Praying for God’s strength to help break you from the chains of alcohol Joanne. Stay strong.

      “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” -Joshua 1:9-10

  • Gary says:

    Help I can’t stop drinking

  • Maria says:

    I have been struggling for 12 years with my alcoholic husband. He refuses to give up. Please I need your prayers.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Maria,

      I will be sending prayers of strength, support, and for God’s power to help break the chains of your husband’s alcoholism. If you don’t mind me asking has your husband had any progress with support groups or rehabilitation centers?


  • Job selvarayan says:

    I decided to quit drinking alcohol today. I pray constantly to Jesus to give me the strength to overcome the temptation to drink alcohol. Please keep me in your prayers especially tonight. I need the prayers of people like you who recovered from alcohol addiction. Please pray to Jesus to remove the withdrawal symptoms.

  • Pat says:

    I’m a 65 year old man and I’m so stuck in my rut which includes 1-2 bottles of wine a day.and I give into the pressures of my job every day. I allow the fear of man to run my life. I’ve been a Christian for many years and I know how much the Lord loves me. He hasn’t given up on me and I know this. But after all my struggles trying to be free, to understand His love and acceptance for me, but I just keep desiring to drink. I’ve had years of freedom sporadically but as I’ve aged, it’s getting harder and most Christians just don’t get it. I keep thinking, I’m a son of the King and yet trying all these secular ways and methods to be free have all failed. Lord why won’t you lift this burden from me. I can’t beat this on my own. I know that. I am just so exhausted with my efforts to conquer this. Yet He can lift this from me any time. But it hasn’t happened.

  • Godwin says:

    Is God always available? Really? Does his love wax cold with time? It seems he is quick to answer certain prayers but slow with others? Are some problems more difficult for him to solve than others? Is he really aware of our pain and shame? Is addiction too difficult a problem for God to solve?

  • Godwin says:

    Is God always available? Really? Does his love wax cold with time? It seems he is quick to answer certain prayers but slow with others? Are some problems more difficult for him to solve than others? Is he really aware of our pain and shame? Is addiction too difficult a problem for God to solve?

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