How To Fully Experience God’s Grace

How To Experience God's Grace

According to the ancient definition, grace is the stuff that gives you what you need when you have absolutely no way of getting it for yourself. The funny thing about our human condition is that we often think to ourselves that we are undeserving of grace. Sometimes we think our lives are so messed up, have gone so far off course, that their is no way back.

It doesn’t help that a lot of times there are people in our lives who remind us constantly of our sin, our past mistakes, even with repentance.

Its sad but Christians can often times be some of the most judgmental and hurtful people out there.

I want you to always remember this important point,

There is only one person who has the right to hold sin over you and that is God.

…And if you have gone to God and asked for forgiveness, the One who solely has the authority to judge you for your sins will not.

I’m here to tell you today that no matter how much you mess up, if you had an affair, or you constantly struggle with an addiction or even if you have been through several divorces, whatever it is, if you come to the altar and accept Jesus Christ and love God, you are forgiven because of God’s grace.

It gets even better….all of your failures, all of your mistakes, all of your sin, God will take ALL of it and work it together for your good!

In the Bible, Peter rejected Jesus three times and every single time Jesus forgave him. You are not beyond his grace, you can rebuild your life.

So why is it that so many people act like they are too far beyond God’s grace? I think there are 3 main reasons why people continue to live as though they are undeserving of God’s grace:

1) Your view of your father becomes your view of God

What I mean here is that many people get in the habit of viewing God as their earthly Father (or others). That means, if your father wasn’t around a lot in your life then God probably doesn’t have a lot of time for you either. Or if your Father was cold, strict, and not very loving then God must be the same way.

The truth is that no matter how bad your parents were, God is different. God will always be there for you, He loves you more than any human could ever love someone, and He proved that by sending His perfect son to die for you.

2) Using it as an excuse to stay in sin

It’s much more convenient if we stay in our sin than have to turn to God and accept His free gift of grace. Instead of going to the altar and listening to what God might want to tell us, we instead stay in our sin because we really don’t want to give it up.

The truth is that if we ever want to grow up and become the man or woman that God desires us to be, we must step out of our sin. We can’t use excuses anymore to continue to hold on to the sin in our lives, it hurts us and it hurts God.

3) Failure to grasp how deep God’s grace is

We sin every single day and often times this leads to consequences. Many people either have directly been affected by someone else’s sin or have sinned against someone else. These consequences can often result in our lives going astray pretty quickly and we then think their is no hope or return.

The truth is that God’s love and grace is wider and deeper than our sin and as long as we love God, it will never change how he feels about us. It doesn’t matter how broken your life is right now, He can fix it and make it beautiful again!

If you are struggling with the idea of grace, realize that God wants you to experience the fullness and meaning of how incredible His grace really is. Don’t hold yourself captive for things God has already forgiven you for. Don’t let others hold you captive for your past when you have been set free by the Almighty God!

Open your heart to God’s everlasting grace and embrace a new life free from your past!





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