Lizzie Velasquez Inspiring Video

lizzy velasquez video

Lizzie Velasquez was bullied and voted the “ugliest person on the internet.” However, she gives one of the most touching and Godly speeches I have ever heard.



  • Avatar Carolyn Kaylor says:

    You are so blessed those people that made fun of you don’t even know what they are talking about. looks are only skin deep and you have a beautiful personality, I pray that the lord blesses you above and beyond anything that you have ever desired in your life.

  • Avatar Grace says:

    You are beautiful my sister beauty is being yourself and being beautiful inside and you are the type of people God wants us to be all of us beautiful and faithful. I love you thank you your word has touched ny heart I often get angry with mean people I do revenge sometimes but it only makes things worse. May Jehovah God keep you strong walk in the way that makes his heart rejoices. Amen.

  • Avatar Sherry And Brad Bibbs says:

    Our true beauty is always from within…it comes from God……just as everything else we have that is good. You inspire me in ways I could never put into words!! You are very beautiful…inside and out!!!! I think that if our Lord and Savior had in His mind, a picture of what beauty is…you would be just what he saw…..Bless you girl!! Keep touching hearts and souls…use what God gave you!!!

  • Avatar Mac Owen Marzo says:

    godbless to all the people on earth

  • Avatar Bianca Mejia says:

    Beautiful that is what you are dear inside and out!!! Blessings to you always…..;-)

  • Avatar Dyana says:

    You are beautiful, your words have encouraged me 🙂 God bless 🙂

  • Avatar anne grace ndome mbang says:

    that’s great…

  • Avatar Igbelema says:

    You are beautiful because you are created in the image of God.

  • Avatar gloria waida says:

    My dear u are the best, don’t let all one bring u down

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    You are beautiful inside and out Focus on these things we are saying. Don’t focus on the negative things some people say. You are truly beautiful and one day when we are all in Gods house you will see how beautiful you are!!

  • Avatar Remix says:

    Please if you watch the video share it with me give me the link I can’t watch it here

  • Avatar victor says:

    God bless cause your beautiful

  • Avatar sunday osu says:

    beauty is not by face but inside ur heart, so my sister you are really beautiful in presence of the almighty father, ride on with your faith.

  • Avatar titilayo says:

    My dear u are the best

  • Avatar titilayo says:

    you are soooooooo

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