The Miracle Baby

baby healed by god

By Antoinette (Caleb’s grandmother)

We are serving a living and loving GOD. Did He not say: “I will never leave you nor forsake you?” When we go through the storms of life, how quickly are we to ask God where is God?

He is there next to us, next to the broken hearted, next to the sick. God is our ABBA Father, our dear Father.

This week, me and my family have experienced God’s love and glorious grace when he touched Caleb’s life. The doctors told us he is a very sick baby, critically ill and they did not have much hope, except in a machine, oscillator.

But our hope was in God, who gave His Son, Jesus Christ, who died for our sickness. “Through His stripes we are healed”. In 24 hours we saw our little angel getting better and eventually took him off the machine.

We saw improvement in his condition daily. The doctor’s told Crizane and JP (Caleb’s parents) whatever they were doing to not stop and when she said we are praying, they said: “Keep on praying, it works.”

What the devil intended for our harm, God used for the good. And now Crizane and JP, are waiting for the wonderful moment to take their little baby home. He is going to grow up to share his story of healing and miracles with the world.

Today I want to encourage you, do not give up, do not stop praying and believing. GOD is who He says He is. The great “I AM,” He is our strength and I always had Jeremiah 29:11 as my favorite scripture and this week God showed me why when He took me to verse 12-14.

I love God with my all of my heart, my everything and what He did for Caleb, Crizane and JP this week makes me feel so small in HIS presence and I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude.

We still need your prayers and I also want to thank each and everyone for your prayers. We are also praying for you.



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