Mother’s Inspirational Video of Blind Baby Boy

This is an incredible video of a young mother whose son was born with a cleft that wouldn’t allow him to open his mouth. Not only that but their baby boy Christian was blind. People started to ridicule their boy because he was deformed and one woman came up to her and said, “You should have aborted your child.”

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  • Sonia Dudley says:

    Christian is a MIRACLE. Christian’s birth was not by chance. You, and Christian will, and are touching a lot of people.

  • Laura Funderburgh says:

    I do not understand how people can be so cruel. Your son is Beautiful! You have such a loving spirit and your love radiates from your eyes and smile. God is working through you and your son to show people their true hearts. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Always keep your beautiful spirit and know that your son is changing the people he meets. He is a blessing and a gift from God.

    • HealingfromGod says:

      Amen Laura, you are absolutely right. Thank you for praying for them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thats the devil speakn evil of a precious child! satan, flee in jesus name& may the angels surround christian, his mom&others from u,satan!

  • IfyJoe says:

    It well with u and ur son IJN Amen

  • PJSAIKENS says:

    Christian is beautiful and a miracle. I’m glad you did what you did. A really mommy would never abort their baby no matter what condition they are in when they are in their womb or out. I’m proud of you and your baby boy. He is a handsome and beautiful baby. May god bless you and your family.

  • Debra Marks says:

    So thankful you have him and share the greatest joy of having him with you!! My Daughter Jeany was Killed in the May 20th tornado here in Moore OK. I feel like a a great big whole is in my heart and miss her everyday. She was 38 years old a nurse and a true ray of sunshine. I will miss her till the day I go home where she is with Jesus and look forward to that homecoming when I see my Lord and her face to face again. So thankful for you that you have youre son enjoy every moment with him, and remember God gave him to u to love and Cherish!! God Bless you and youre family and be thankful God gave him to u!!!!

    • HealingfromGod says:

      Hi Debra Marks,

      I’m terribly sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter, my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. If you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask and will keep you in our prayers.

  • Victor says:

    I believe God gave you Christian to love and to nurture. He is a good God and all He does is perfect. I’m very sure this boy will grow up in the fear of the Lord and make you proud at the end of the day. Don’t despair> He is in full control.

    • HealingfromGod says:

      Hi Victor,

      Thanks for stopping by. I totally agree with you and I think that God is using Christian to not only speak out against abortion but to spread the love of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Have a blessed day!

  • Mo says:

    God is good and everything He does is beautiful. You are just the Job of today,God is looking at you smiling because of your faith. Christian is a beautiful baby whose testimony is bound to shake the whole earth.

    • HealingfromGod says:

      Amen Mo, well said and you are right, God is really using Christian as a wonderful testimony to thousands each day.

  • Mary A.Reppond Honeycutt says:

    GOD BLESS YOU,those people that did those thing better go home and pray for there self for He is an angle and you are the one that is BLESSED .Hold your head up high honey because you are the one that has a real angel and GOD is with you

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