Overcoming The Odds Thanks To God

Overcome All Of The Odds Thanks To God

By Beverly Testerman

My name is Beverly Testerman. I want to share with the world of what an awesome Saviour we have. Of how much He loves us and will Bless us over and over if we will but serve Him. He will pick you up when you feel you are at the very bottom…..He did me…Here is my story……

I was a very young teenager, found out I was pregnant. My family decided that the best thing to do was get married, I quit school, in the 8th grade. 2 children married and tried to make a home for a young baby…What a hard life that baby had. But he was alway loved.

In the south,that kinda what was expected 30 some years ago…A girl marries and has children…thats her purpose. Well I did that and then I thought…what now….I always loved the Lord..I always had a heart for God….for which I owe to my mother who brought me up in the Pentacostal way, as did her mother. I also owe alot to me sister, Sue who showed me humbleness and how I should read my Bible every day.

Well, I eventually became tired of being alone, broke and poor. Welfare was not a solution, although it helped some. I wanted more for me and my child. My husband was long gone, I went to work in a sewing factory when I was 16. God was always with me…I made good money b/c of my competetiveness and production.

Then my son and I was in a terrible care accident My 5 year old son walked 1/2 mile on a Dec.5th cold, rainy night at 9pm and walked to the nearest house to get help for his mommy. He said “I followed the light”. He crawled out of a broken window, cut and bleeding, into a creek and up a bank, down a long dark road…He followed the light…..

I was unconcious with a broken back and was sent to Roanoke….21 days, tied down, flat on my back b/f surgery, mostly out of it…I later went back to school and became an RN (After long years of catching up on school work). For 17 years i worked helping people and raising a family. I was by far, NOT the best mom …my kids are soooo smart b/c of God…He is sooo good.

A terrible divorce and many broken hearts later, time marching on. Then the doors opened that I could go back to school….All the while learning and growing about what an awesome Lord we have..I have failed many times and still do…I fall short often of His wonderful love…..I have four wonderful children, and 2 beautiful grandchildren,I  am sooo Blessed.

I have found peace….I am 46 years old and I am A Nurse Practitioner, by the grace of God..He put me in a school that I had always dreamed of..but never thought I was smart enough to go to…I finished my Masters Degree……..with a lot of work!!!…Me!!!!..a girl who was a high school drop out and pregnant at 13….Look what the Lord has done….and He is not finished with me yet.

Praise His Holy Name….And the son of a young mother has turned out Brilliant, with a heart for GOD and a beautiful wife and children that I absolutely adore, 2 beautiful, Brilliant daughters who both have Bachelor degrees..so far…and a 12 year old who is very bright as well…and lots of grand-dog and 1 cat.

A son-in-law in special forces and a very special step-daughter and grandson that I love also…Do I sound like I’m bragging….I am On God…..He heard my cry…He knows my name !!!!!He loves me and my precious family!!!!!

He will do the same for you…He is no respector of persons…He only wants you to talk to Him, acknowledge that He sent His son to die for you….and believe what He said He will do……..Set your face like a flint and do not be moved!!!!!




  • Cathy says:

    Amazing beautiful testimony on the wonderful restoration of God. Your story has touched my heart more than I can express.

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  • Jennifer njogu says:

    So encouragin,surely God is not a respector of persons

  • eyiarooke says:

    what can someone like me say if not ” how could it happen JUST like that ” what a terible life.

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