The Secret To A Happy Marriage

The Secret To A Happy Marriage

By a couple married 40 years…

Commitment: Lifetime together, divorce is not an option or a joking matter with us.

Forgiveness: We are intentionally forgetful of each other’s frequent failures.

Humility: We don’t believe we deserve each other–in the good sense!

Dating: 1,2,3 — one night out each week, just the two of us, three hours together.

Sex: We never say no to each other, and never say yes to anyone else.

Prayer: Everyday while holding hands.

Spending: No debts and no secrets.

Disagreements: Speak the truth in love with the only goal of “we won” not “I won”.

Criticism: Don’t put down, but make realistic requests instead.

Compliments: Build-up, and believe it cannot be overdone.

Kids: Lovingly prepared them to leave us as we prioritized cultivating our closeness.

Loyalty: Speak positively, never negatively, about each other to others.

Interests: We take an interest in each another’s interests.

Differences: We respect them and don’t try to remove them.

Church: Every week we worship, tithe, serve and invite–together!

Best Friends: Do whatever it takes to make sure that’s what we are.

Friends: Mostly couples, no opposite sex, and we each have veto rights.

Jesus: As we love Him more we love each other more.


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  • maila aurin says:

    this is very helpful for a married couple to revive and to let fire from burning.

  • Gbenga.oyinloye says:

    Happy marriages means happy living

  • Anonymous says:

    Happy Marriage,brings long life

  • debraossy says:

    wat a lovely words i will use well

  • トリーバーチ バッグ says:


  • Sally says:

    God bless you so much. The article is very educative. Continue doing the good job to save marriages.

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