Trust God With All Your Heart, Mind, and Soul

trust god with all your heart

Security is one of those things that people desperately search for and for good reason. Without feeling secure, we are unable to live life to its fullest, we aren’t able to pursue the big dreams that God has planned for us.

Most people, including myself, are desperately scared inside. We put up this ‘external’ front that makes us ‘appear’ secure to others.

Fancy cars, money in the bank, nice clothes, an important diploma, a nice job, a beautiful home…we try so hard to feel secure thinking these external things will somehow make us feel a little bit more secure….but they never do. In fact, they often make us feel even more insecure.

What happens when you lose your job and you have to eat up all of your savings account, what happens when you become terribly sick, all of a sudden it seems like our sense of security was really a myth.

What I have found in my own personal life is that the only way you can feel truly secure with yourself is by trusting yourself. You have to make a personal decision internally that says, “I can trust who I am, how I feel, my ability to think and make decisions, I can trust myself!”

You will be surprised at how something that seems so simple can be life changing. Why does it make such a difference though? It’s because you are the one who is making the decision to do it.

Based on my experience, I’m convinced that most children grow up or experience something in their life that threatens their security.

All of a sudden, important people in their life can no longer be trusted, all of a sudden the world seems like a scary place, all of a sudden you start feeling a sense of total loss in your ability to feel secure.

It is important for you to regain that back. God wants you to trust yourself because if you can’t even trust yourself, then trusting God is impossible.

When we choose to make the choice to trust in ourselves all of a sudden everything becomes possible. No matter the circumstances, we still feel secure because we still trust in ourselves.

This frees you to trust in God which will take your relationship with God to a whole new level.

The great thing about this is that you can make that decision right now, as your sitting here reading this. Do it! I promise you it will make a difference in your life….today.


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