What Is My Purpose In Life?

purpose in life

At some point in our lives we come to a crossroads wondering,

What is my purpose in life? Do I have one?

The common answer you will hear from just about anyone is that your purpose is to serve God and serve your neighbor. However, that answer usually leaves you unsatisfied because even you already knew that!

So I won’t give you the generic answer although that answer is technically true.

What I will tell you is that finding God’s purpose for your life is similar to pulling back the layers of an onion. An onion!?! What do I mean? An onion has many different layers and as you peel back each layer you reveal a new layer.

In the same way, our walk with God is like an onion. Every trial, every struggle, every victory and defeat is like pulling away another layer that God reveals to us in his time.

Each time he pulls another layer back, a new victory is won where maybe we grew in our faith, became more loving or patient, or discovered a hidden talent that God gave us.

However, as soon as we have a victory we are presented with another challenge, another trial, another struggle that must be “peeled back.”

In our case, life is like a never-ending onion that reveals God’s purpose in our lives slowly, getting sweeter and sweeter each time.

Sometimes God reveals part of our purpose or his plan for us by ripping two layers off and other times he reveals to us part of our purpose much more slowly.

I know that God has an incredible purpose for your life. You might not know it yet but I encourage you to walk with God daily, become more intimate with him, and look for the common thread that lines up with God’s word….that might just be the God given purpose of your life.



  • saviour isaac says:

    My purpose in life are, 1, to serve God and do God’s will and 2, to fillful my destiny.

  • Anonymous says:

    O God hear my prayer

  • Joel says:

    There is No one who does not have a purpose in Life. .mind You there is the General, and the Personal purpose of God for Us.. .find it Out and do it

    • HealingfromGod says:

      You are right Joel, unfortunately many people are either confused about their purpose in life or believe the lie that they have no purpose at all.

  • Jessie Celaya Celaya says:

    Yes our Father God has beautiful plans for us. But just because He does not tell us all His plans does not mean we know better and can do it on our own. We can`t. So we must have faith in Him in every thing and in all all He does to us and through us. Our Abba really does love us.

    • HealingfromGod says:

      Absolutely Jessie, also I think its important to add that we never entirely know God’s plan for our lives. I think if we did, life would not only be boring but it wouldn’t require nearly as much faith or dependency on our loving Father.

      I’m always reminded of Martin Luther King Jr’s famous quote, “I don’t know what the future holds but I do know WHO holds my future.” One of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by Jessie. God bless.

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