When God Came Into My Life

When God Came Into My Life

By Cindy

Where shall I begin, no amount of thanksgiving can possibly explain ho481011_600868466590578_831152721_nw awesome God is. In my younger days, I thought I knew it all. Drinking and using all the wiles this old world had to offer.

I was raised by a Godly mother but strayed greatly with all the temptations in this world. I have failed God everyday of my life but He has never failed me yet.

Living a life of total destruction was the path I had taken until God opened my eyes to all ofHis mercy and love. I remember hitting bottom and nothing I could do would sooth the pain I was going through.

Sickness, no money, no job, death of my loved ones, all the overwhelming pain that could be imagined. I felt the tugging in my heart of all of my upbringing I turned to the Lord at this point in my life.

His mercy was the only thing that would turn all the horror I had created in my life. God gave me the peace that surpasses all understanding. No I didnt get a windfall of money or the people that had passed didnt come back to life.

As the peace engulfed my life, also was the struggles that come form the evil all around us. I cant say that it is easy at all. The minute I asked God to come into my life, the devil came after all the peace I had received. The devil the deceiver of all, tried to take all the joy away in my heart and still does to this day.

I thank God for loving me, protecting me, and saving me from a life full of destruction. I fail Him daily but God had never failed me yet. If I may, “No God, No peace. Know God Know peace” I saw this at a church and it really does say it all. Cindy Morgan Ford


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